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A Dogs Day Out - The Ultimate Playschool for Dogs !

We offer a fun, stimulating , safe and cage free environment for dogs to socialise and play together in a pack. Being part of a pack is very stimulating for your dog and really helps their social skills develop, allowing them to become a friendly confident dog. They also get to make great doggie pals and burn off their endless amount of energy so they go home tired and very content.

We understand that each dog is different and strive to cater to every dogs needs. Wether that be high energy play, an afternoon snooze on the sofa or cuddles with us. With our many areas it makes it easy for us to put your dog into the area they are most suited. Every area is kitted out with sofas, comfy beds, slides and houses for them to play on or chill out in.
We carefully manage the social groups to ensure that your furry friend is matched to other dogs with similar temperaments and play types. Our handlers are always on hand for cuddles and play time, so the dogs are never left unattended.

We will provide all toys and beds. We are also happy to feed your dogs if you require us to, all food must be supplied by the owner. If you have any special requirements we will attempt to accommodate them wherever possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your dog. 

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Assessment Days

An assessment day is required for all dogs prior to attending A Dogs Day Out. This is where we will asses your dogs temperament and see if they are suited to a play school environment. It also gives us a chance to get to know your dog on a one to one basis so that we can figure out where they would be most suited and who they would love to play with!
Our assessment day runs from 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday. On your dogs assessment day we will slowly introduce them to the rest of the pack so that it builds up around them rather than them going straight into the other dogs. We will go at your dogs pace, so if it takes a little longer for them to be with the other dogs then we are happy to wait until they are comfortable and happy.

For more information about our assessment days or if you would like to book your dog in then please contact us on 01275 814130.
You can also book an assessment online.  

Assessment Day