Grooming Service

Welcome to Grooming at A Dogs Day Out

Our groomers Chloe and Ellie have both been grooming for a while now and have a real passion for it !

They prides themselevs on making a good relationship between customers and their furry friends! They makes sure they gets to know both you and your dog so that they can make sure both of you are happy and relaxed. They will also make sure they tailor the groom to your own individual tastes and needs, so that if you wanted something more manageable and practical for day to day life they are more than happy to oblige. 

Puppy's First Groom

Getting your puppy used to the sights and sounds of a grooming parlour as soon as possible is an important step forward in his/hers new life with you. Regular maintenance is key for all breeds, especially those with longer coats that need constant attention for their whole lives. We want your little ones first stay with us to be a positive experience so we like to keep things gentle and quick. 

This includes : -

  • A gentle shampoo specifically for puppy coats to promote healthy growth
  • An introduction to the hair dryer on our lowest setting
  • A short but sweet brush through
  • Nail clipping
  • A quick trim around the eyes and private areas where needed.

All of our puppy sessions end with playtime, treats and lots of cuddles to leave a happy memory of their time with us! 

'Bath & Dry' and 'The Works'

Both our 'Bath & Dry' and 'The Works' grooming options include : -

  • Top Quality doggy shampoo with a whitening option or a sensitive Aloe Vera option
  • Full Conditioning treatment
  • A Thorough comb through for long coats and/or a de-shedding option for heavy coats
  • A Trim to tidy the eye area and a trim around the private areas where needed
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ears plucked and cleaned

Flea baths and anal gland expression are an extra £5 each.

'The Works' option is for the very pampered pooch who needs Full Clipping and Scissoring of the coat to keep it in shape. This can be a specific breed cut, or it can be tailored to your own requirements.


For more information, prices or to speak to our groomers Chloe and Ellie then please call us on 01275 814130    

Or feel free to email us on

Please be aware that our prices depend heavily on the breed
of your dog and the condition of their coat.